PENNEES ROW is a project on growing a kind of tree named LADAKH WILLOW tree which is one of the wild, colossal, and easily growing species would be conducted by 16 farmers families in their lands at few villages of Ladakh, a very cold, dry, and the high region as a desert in Himalaya, to improve their life and environment there.

The IMPACT of PENNEES ROW Project on the environment:

Small scale: in Ladkh

Big scale: in the Planet.


SITUATION: climate change, global warming

CO₂ (Carbon Dioxide) trap heat => Global warming => warming of the ocean and land-based ice => sea level is rising at an increasing rate => all human infrastructure—is at risk from sea -level rise.

Source: https://thewire.in/environment/ladakh-floods-timeline-disaster
billions of animals were killed by bushfires in Australia
Source: https://thewire.in/environment/ladakh-floods-timeline-disaster
Rising sea level could submerge entire cities worldwide


Trees help in preventing flood (up to 20%).

Trees help cool the climate (if we do it right).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/nawang.kunphel
Source: https://www.facebook.com/nawang.kunphel


LADAKH – hard weather

In Ladakh, people use water from the ice melting.


Lama is showing a very benificial ancient Willow tree


The IMPACT of PENNEES ROW Project on the life of people in Ladakh

Providing means about growing a kind of special trees on the land uncultivated of the poor farmers in Ladakh where their life in risk by the changing of climate which is influencing their mountain highland in Himalaya.

To form a habit of cultivating the land with these special trees of the farmers, which will then enable them to gain the profit for their life.  

To spread the essential knowledge of growing such trees in such harsh regions, simultaneously then enable them to make their life better, and allow them to pursue their wishes.

The farmer will be enabled to:

_ easily access useful sources of their environment – the more they involve, the better they will be; 

_ build up passion for growing these trees, sharing and spreading knowledge;

_ protect themselves from risks, what to do and what not to make their living environment better;

_ open doors to better opportunities in life. 

Bringing in great opportunities for poor farmers.


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